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Fic: Sail to the Stars

Title: Sail to the stars

Fandoms: Pirates of the Caribbean, Horatio Hornblower, Star Wars, Firefly, Star Trek 2009

Characters: Jack Sparrow, Horatio Hornblower, Han Solo, Mal Reynolds, Jim Kirk

Rating: PG13 to R. Ish. IDK, Jim likes to drop F bombs.

Summary: Character sketches and studies really. Five guys, five ships. You do the math.
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Monday's Child

This is a prompt thingie and an intro to some faces not often seen in my Camelot as well as some more familiar ones. Um yeah...

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Arthurian: Fall Together

Title: Fall Together
Rating: PG13 for suggestions and kissing.
Notes: My Agravaine, my Tristram, my Camelot.
Summary: A sequel to the last one. Music, stories and the start of something…maybe…
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Turn of Fate: Agravaine

Title: Turn of Fate
Rating: A shocking G and totally worksafe.
Pairing: Preslash but Agravaine/Tristram if you squint. I suppose you could read some Lancelot/Gawain in this as well but that wasn't my INTENT.
Notes: My Agravaine, my Lancelot, apparently my Tristram and a Gawain inspired mostly by anachronisma
Summary: Agravaine hates England and Camelot, then maybe finds a reason not to hate it quite so much.

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Certain Slant Prequel

This? Was written a while ago as part of a prequel for my Arthurian novel in progress. I don't see it posted here so...Yeah. This is an alternate retelling of Galahad's conception and the whole Lancelot/Elaine deal... Lancelot has changed since then in rewritings. He's regained his faith, didn't get "custody" of Galahad in the same way and other things, so this is something I'll discard but...I like the fic anyway...

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No Conditions: Agravaine/Tristram

Written a few days ago. Um...Yeah. See the Notes?
Title: No Conditions
Pairing: Agravaine/Tristram
Rating: Possible PG13
Notes: This is my Agravaine, I do not claim the Tristram. Weird experimental style, I have NO idea...

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BBC Merlin Fanfic: Things No One Sees

YAY something new! Written a few weeks ago for the BBC series Merlin. Um. I like Arthur. A lot. And there've been indications in how he and his father interact that suggest...um...yeah...So I wrote this. I refer to Uther as King Giles Pendragon a LOT, he's played by Anthony Head who played Giles the Watcher on Buffy so...there's THAT reference!

Fandom: Merlin 2008
Title: Things No One Sees
Characters: Arthur, Merlin, Morgana, Uther in passing
Rating: G-ish? I don't know. Serious THEMES but no smut or slash.
Notes: The Arthur in my head reluctantly let me write this but then was all, "If you post this, I'll kill you!" We shall see what comes of THAT. And yeah, Merlin turned chav on me or something. I have NO idea but it wanted to come out and it WAS kind of funny. I may or may not continue this, or even post it anywhere. It depends. Also, Sorry King Giles. But you aren't THAT big of an asshole here, see? :P
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Poetry: The Second Kiss

Another poem written for my knight. It's a sonnet but I've experimented with the LINES of the sonnet so it doesn't look like one. Written on...well obvious occasion is obvious, isn't it?

      The Second Kiss

      When our lips glanced upon that second kiss
      My doubts were cast away into the night
      His lips and mine now thusly held in this
      And dawn drew near casting us into light.
           His arms round mine could chase away my fears
           Who was I but his lady in that place?
           And he my knight inside the shifting years?
           I needed not a glimpse of his fair face.
                     As souls we met across a realm of dreams.
                     Within that shining place, we ruled the world
                     Though mortal light would rip apart our seams.
                    Force we two, to close what was unfurled
                         But through that blight, a trace of him yet strays
                         His love, and mine, held in our hazel gaze.



I wrote Le Chevalier for my own knight. I'm not explaining that in any more detail here. :P

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No Shit There I Was

A discarded intro to No Shit, There I Was. Characters you won't see in the new version are here, I've realized my POV character has to change to someone actually IN Camelot...and stuff. This has weirdness and lame ren faire/SCAdian jokes. Not that I'm SCAdian but I know enough of THOSE And yeah. From the moment I got the visual of Contemplative!Rab, I knew that he was something special...and he's proved to be that beyond all measure. I love Rab...

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